Torque is a formulation of high-quality unleaded petrol and octane-boosting chemicals blended on behalf of RGMotorsport which is capable of increasing The octane rating of the fuel to ensure maximum performance. The end result is a high-octane mix and the closest thing to race fuel that you can get. Designed for all spark ignition internal combustion engines – both 2 and 4-stroke - running on unleaded fuel and irrespective of fuel delivery method or aspiration.

Torque Bottle

Ideal for forced induction vehicles - turbocharged or supercharged.
Will not damage exhaust sensors, catalytic convertors or silencers.



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  • Highly flammable
  • Contains volatile, petroleum-based chemicals and distillates – avoid breathing vapours, use in well-ventilated areas and avoid contact with skin
  • Store in a cool environment, out of direct sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of children



  • If swallowed do not induce vomiting.
  • Call a doctor immediately. In event of skin contact wash thoroughly with water and mild soap. If inhaled, move the person to a well-ventilated area away from the product.



  • Shake well
  • Add contents directly to fuel tank or fuel cans in a ratio of 20 to 1 to achieve the maximum increase in octane when using 95 or 98 octane base fuel.
  • When added to a container, agitate the mixture, or pour the Torque in before adding petrol.

It isn’t just pub talk though – our new Torque fuel booster really works. And in our very first official run in a customer’s car, we got exactly the response we were hoping for! This is what he had to say:

“My car’s throttle response has really improved. It just feels punchier right across the rev range – I love it,” enthused Carlin, who owns a Golf7 R which we had previously uprated with a Techniflow downpipe, Goliath cold air induction system and a. RGM-Plug-in Power Software. When run on our dyno in that form the car delivered 241 kW and 421 Nm, but those numbers rapidly disappeared into insignificance when we added just a single 1-litre bottle of Torque to a tankful of 95 octane. We estimate that this would’ve raised the octane by approximately 8 octane numbers for a final octane rating of 102-plus.

The effect on our dynamometer readings was immediate. Without any other changes the torque readout climbed to 450 Nm, for a re-calculated power figure of 252 kW so that’s 11kW and 29Nm more!

“I didn’t expect to see such big gains – it has added a sharper edge to what was already a really impressive conversion on my Golf7 R. It is nice to know that I can simply add a bottle for ‘special’ occasions and know that the extra power is there almost instantly,” concluded Carlin. 


Note: Our 275.5 km/h 1 km runs with the M6 at ODI were done on a Torque blend... talk about being tested in the heat of battle!

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