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Hi Dave,

Happy new year !

With reference to the recent upgrades on my Toyota 86 I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at RGM for the outstanding and professional service.

I did the RGM Supercharger conversion ±17 months ago and I am extremely satisfied and do not have any regrets, the money was well spent.

Three months ago I decided to change the supercharger oil (annual / first oil change 4 500km) and on your recommendation decided to do the RGM Track pack (using the engine oil to lubricate the s/c resulting in the s/c running cooler with continuous hard driving and saving on oil changes). At the same time I enquired regarding the RGM dual mapping system with Torco octane booster. You also recommended the s/c pulley upgrade (boost increase) and after some hesitation from my side I decided to do the lot.

Your initial response regarding performance gains did not convince me but after speaking to another one of your Toyota 86 customers I was fully convinced. I received the vehicle back and was once again satisfied with the performance gains – more than expected (see attached table). I really recommend any 86 owner that has done the s/c conversion to do the pulley upgrade and dual mapping system with Torco booster.

One thing leads to another and I started investigating options to increase the longevity of the engine. Two options came to mind, fitting an oil cooler (no performance gains) or water methanol injection system (some performance gains). I decided to settle for the latter for obvious reasons. The 86 was booked in again and because this was the first 86 to be fitted with the RGM WMI system I was kept up to date on a daily basis by Jonothan. I received the vehicle back and I am very happy with the quality of workmanship and service. As an added bonus there were some nice performance gains – 381.9 Nm torque ! (see attached table).

Referring to the attached table it is clear that one can achieve more or less the same performance gains by running the pulley upgrade and WMI system only as with the pulley upgrade and Torco map.

Perfect Christmas / birthday / gift, To: Me, From: Me J

Best Regards,




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