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RGM customer testimonials


From: Andy
To: Rob Green
Subject: Thanks
Hi Rob,
Loving my car more and more every day - it just keeps getting better!!
I would never have believed that I could enjoy a car so much at my age.

It's 1000 kms since my SC conversion and it's perfect - exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks RGMotorsport for a very professional job.

"Some say" that their prices are too high, but you get what you pay for, and I'm 100% satisfied that I got good value for my money.

My car dyno'd at 168 wkw/7400rpm and 317Nm/6000rpm.
I find the power delivery very smooth and linear which makes it a pleasure to drive at any rpm, and it's quiet - no supercharger howl.
It's very different to my Subaru where the turbo comes in with a moerse surge, and quickly runs out of revs because it has a very narrow power band.
My 86 is now quicker than the XT, but it doesn't feel so because it's much less dramatic.

It's just the right amount of extra power - nice and sporty and quite quick, without making the car tricky and awkward to drive.
The massive increase in mid-range torque makes overtaking a pleasure because I no longer have to rev the knackers off it to make anything happen.
It's exactly how it should have come from the factory.

The new exhaust system is superb - it just feels so free and wide open, and it sounds great!!
My car now sounds like a sports car, but without being boy-racer loud (except for the first minute or so in the morning when the neighbours get treated to a symphony in 86 minor - LOL).

In total, including all the mods that I've done, I'm into my 86 for less than R400k.
If I look down the list of car prices, there's nothing comes anywhere near what I've got for that price.
Consider 168wkw = approx. 225fkw, licence weight 1220 = power-to-weight ratio of 184kw/ton.
Cheapest that I could find which betters that is Merc C63 AMG at R917k

I'm a happy camper.



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